About me
Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Alyona Shkarupeta, I am marketing expert, editor, copywriter, writer and scriptwriter.
I have been working with texts since 2000, when I started receiving my first fees for articles in the Tver regional school newspaper. I graduated as a PR-expert, but my work was always connected with journalism in one way or another. Now I write, edit, translate, take interviews, come up with scripts for videos, develop the structure of sites and presentations, create and publish catalogues, magazines or books from scratch. This is what I am able and love to do. Most of the time I live on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, so for several years, I got used to working in distance with clients with a different mentality from different countries. I communicate in Russian, Turkish, English, and it’s easier for me to find a common language with people.   I am sharing about my journeys, thoughts and impressions on my personal blog https://shkapyneta.livejournal.com and social media. I am working on my own books. So far, I released my first digest of essays in 2016, “Happiness is Simple” (https://ridero.ru/books/schaste_vprostom/). My hobbies are yoga and yachting that help me to restore strength and energy, expand my horizons, increase my creativity and work even more efficiently.
Work principles:
I dive into the task so deeply that I get to the point and express it in words.
I work for the result, so if something needs to be done or changed urgently, you will get it on time.
I am sure in the quality of my work, so I am always responsible for the results.
Personal relationships with clients, which are based on mutual trust, are important for me.
I follow the agreements, but I expect the same from my clients.
I do not do primitive, technical writing of texts. I honestly admit that in this case, it is cheaper to hire another copywriter or rewriter.
I refuse to work if it is contrary to moral standards, could harm others, or incite hostility.
I love my job and my clients.
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