Alyona Shkarupeta’s
Copywriting studio
«I write texts that work for you»
“It was the Word in the beginning…” From the world’s foundation until this day, it is difficult to overestimate the power and significance of words. With their help, commanders and conquerors inspired their armies to great victories, politicians and public figures changed the course of history, writers and playwriters made readers cry or laugh, worrying about the heroes. Many centuries have passed but the texts outlive their creators, granting them immortality. Words are both a weapon that can hurt and destroy and a medicine that can help to heal and create. Words not only evoke feelings but also force to act. And Marketing is based on this principle. Do you want to use the magic power of words in your business? I know how to do this and will be happy to help.
If you work with the Shkarupeta Copywriting studio, you get quality content, competently written and understandable for the selected target audience, convincing in content, helping to sell you, your products or services.
magically transformation from raw materials into easy-to-read texts
Turnkey publishing
corporate magazines, catalogues, books
Audit and Optimization
Review, Content Assessment and Recommendations for Improvement
PR content
for websites, social media, E-mail marketing, texts for brochures, presentations, press kits
creating Your Personal or corporative story
image and commercials, documentaries, short and feature films, TV programs, video blogs
articles, press releases, speech writing, preparation of materials for magazines, newspapers, information portals, blogs, texts for radio and TV
Who do we work with?
Individuals Experts, businessmen, creative personalities, everyone who needs help in order to competently and effectively express their thoughts, ideas, describe themselves, their services or products
Small business Those who cannot afford a full-time copywriter or need to do both regular work on creating texts and one-time tasks
Big companies Those who are tuned in to complex projects, long-term and constant cooperation, who regularly need high-quality content and find working with freelancers profitable and effective.
Advertising, marketing and PR-agencies Those who find it more convenient and more profitable to hire outside specialists for their projects and clients than to keep an army of copywriters on staff
Tourism and travel
Construction and real estate
Leisure and sport
Yoga, health, medicine
Gastronomy and restaurants
Film production
Do you want to discuss copywriting tasks? You are welcome to do it by mail, by phone +90 5318264004 or using messengers on social networks .
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